Our Practice Booklets provide students with THREE complete papers for the External QCAA exams. Written especially for Queensland students by expert teachers, each has full answers. There is also a set of hints for excelling in an unseen exam.

In 2022 we are adding PDHPE (delivered July 2022) but other Health and Physical Education courses will be added as soon as they become available.The more practice the better. These electronic files are great for projecting or using electronically. 

Purchase allows you to use the resources for your school's students, including photocopying papers for them. However, do NOT give the files to students or pass files on to colleagues in other schools.


Physical Education Practice External Exams Vol 1


RELEASE DATE: JULY 2022  - Please note that delivery is July, ready for Term 3 This booklet contains THREE complete exams to provide practice for the External exam. Expert teachers have designed questions to help Year 12 students prepare for the demands of these important exams. Each booklet also includes sample high level answers to demonstrate to students how questions might be...


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