The 2024 version has ALL 2024 ENGLISH texts with FIVE complete exams to provide practice for the External exam. Expert teachers have designed questions to help Year 12 students prepare for the demands of these important exams. Each text has at least one full-length, high level extended answers, annotated sample to demonstrate to students how questions might be answered. These papers are perfect for classroom use or individual exam preparation. Also included are copies of the samples without the deconstruction notes for teacher activities. A bonus guide to maximising marks in the external exam and varied activities to help use practice papers and the sample responses is also included.

THREE purchasing options to suit all schools!

OPTION 1: New, First Time Purchasers: FULL PACKAGE of ALL TEXTS

As the new texts are added each year, all previous full package English buyers have the value update option B each year. The latest file will be provided.

2024 FULL package file with all 2024 texts. Includes:

  • FIVE practice papers on 2024 texts (ie. EACH text has TEN questions and at least one full length, annotated sample answer)
  • Includes material for retired pre-2024 texts as an Addendum: questions & annotated samples
  • BONUS SECTIONS: Includes teaching activities and student strategies for top results

TEXTS 2024- Burial Rites - Macbeth - Never Let Me Go - Othello - Pride and Prejudice - The White Earth - The Yield - We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves 

Purchase will qualify your school to purchase Option 2 in subsequent years. Option 2 is the Update Version available to all past FULL Package purchasers. It economically provides the latest version with the new texts added! 

Do NOT choose this option if you already have Volume 1 from a previous year (go to Option 2 which is a cheaper update option). You will know this as there will be EIGHT texts covered in your resource.




If you buy from this site there are a number of different payment options. Using a credit card will give you an immediate download. Choosing the direct deposit option allows you to pay later. With this option, if you order including your school name we will deliver within 24 hours. You then take the confirmation invoice received to your office to organise payment by cheque or direct deposit.

However, we understand many teachers cannot buy online without office approval. If this applies to you, please visit our SCHOOLS ORDER FORM page and download the relevant order form. You can fax or email it back to us. We will deliver to your email and send your office an invoice.