RETIRED after 2023 - This product is a condensed version of the 2023 full version. Questions and annotated full sample answer are provided ONLY for  JANE EYRE.  If you would like multiple texts, you will need to purchase multiple Mini Packages (or consider another Option)

Expert teachers have designed questions to help Year 12 students prepare for the demands of these important exams. These papers are perfect for classroom use or individual exam preparation. A full annotated sample response on a  JANE EYRE question is provided. Also included is a copy of the sample, without the deconstruction notes for teacher activities. A bonus guide to maximising marks in the external exam and varied activities to help use practice papers and sample responses is also included.

OPTION 3: Mini Package –  JANE EYRE only 

  • FOUR practice paper extracts for  JANE EYRE (= 8 questions),
  • BONUS SECTIONS: Includes teaching activities and student strategies for top results
  • ONE full length, annotated sample for  JANE EYRE


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